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A Family Find: Vintage Clorox Bottles

My husband has known forever that I love old things, so he brings me home *treasures* when he finds them.  He loves them, too, because they have a story.

Right after Christmas, he brought me home this rustic rocker. :)

For those of you who liked that, I thought I'd share these...

A while back, my husband was walking around where he grew up, and he saw something in the dirt.  He unearthed a bunch of these old bottles, which were old Clorox bottles his grandma had used in the 1950's.  He brought them home and we shared some with family.

Once just a simple part of everyday life. 

Now a reminder of that life.

A connection from my childrens' great-grandmother's everyday life...

to their everyday life.

And a reminder that a daddy who brings home treasures (that didn't cost a dime) for mama...

is a treasure, too. ;)

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