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Rustic Rocker

After-Christmas presents are the best, aren't they?  Totally unexpected and straight from the heart.

That's how I got this rustic rocking chair.  My husband saw it while out and about, the day after Christmas.  He knew I wanted one, and he picked up this super sturdy cedar rocker (for $20!!) for me to stain, paint, or seal.  (He's sweet like that.)  I love the look of it, so, besides sanding a few rough spots and adding a weatherproof seal, I am going to leave it just as it is.  I can hardly wait to sit in it with a good book.  Maybe spring will come early this year...

even though my Christmas wreath is still up.  I like it.  Don't judge. ;)

As one year ends, and another begins...I am thankful for the little things...like an old/new rocker for the front porch...AND the big things...like the husband who thought of me when he saw it.  :)

Happy New Year!

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