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Connections... and a Giveaway!


Homeschooling is...      

making connections.

and I love when that happens.

when our history lesson   becomes our story time   becomes our writing lesson   becomes our art    becomes our science lesson   becomes our math activity   becomes a project   becomes a character lesson   becomes a gift to someone   becomes a field trip   becomes family time...becomes life.
and after all...isn't that what learning is all about?

In honor of connections  I want to offer something special for my very first ever ever ever giveaway!  This book is one of the resources that has helped us make lots of connections: from one subject to another, because the stories and optional acivities lend themselves to that; from Bible characters to all-around-the-world characters, because the people in the Bible really did live in the world; from seven-year-old to seventeen-year-old, because it works for any age student and every grade level; and connections with each other, because we all do this book together.  We have done the first three volumes and are eagerly awaiting the fourth.

I have been educating my children at home for fifteen years, (I can't believe it!) and this book is hands down my favorite curriculum out of all that I have ever used.  I chose it way back when because I was looking for a world history book that started with creation and went from there.  The Mystery of History did that, but it also became a springboard into other subjects.  For example, I always read aloud a historical novel to go with the era we are learning about in history.  It's still my favorite part of the schoolday.  We move through the history book more slowly because of it, but my children get a much better sense of the time period and culture they are studying.  My oldest fell in love with everything ancient Egypt, my son enjoyed hearing all the books with battles in them, my middle daughter loves books period (she often sneaks off to finish them on her own), my next one loves any of the "old timey" periods, and my youngest...well, she loves puppies.
Even if your entire curriculum is already planned out, I would recommend this as an addition.  You can use it as little or as much as you want; it's very adaptable.

The Mystery of History Volume I 2nd Edition

To enter the drawing for the book
leave a comment (with name, of course)
in the comment section, and I will enter you.

I will be drawing, ordering, and shipping
in time for you to enjoy the book
in the upcoming school year. (August)

I'm so excited!  You will looove it.

By the way, even if you do not homeschool, you can still enjoy reading this book with your children.  Like us, you will be amazed at how much you learn, together. ;)

Be encouraged.  :)

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