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Easy Bridal Shower Favor

It's official. 
I'm a mother-in-law. (And loving it!)

We officially survived the wedding of our first-born.
Well...I did.  The jury's still out on her daddy.  ;)

I wanted to share this little idea I used at the bridal shower, in case there's a wedding in your family's future.  Thought it might come in handy.

It's so easy (you know I love easy) and not expensive, and unlike some favors or party prizes, this is something you will actually use.

I just bought some cute ink pens, and printed out the phrase, "No more guessing, what a blessing, she found Mr. Write!" to attach to each pen.

I bought the pens at Michael's that come in convenient little gift-boxes.  Also, a chunky pen is easy to find in your purse when you're hunting for one.

PS.  She really did find Mr. Right.  What a blessing!
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