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Easiest Way to Teach the Ten Commandments

Years ago, I went with my husband to a conference where the attendees were asked to write the Ten Commandments in order from memory.  Pretty much everybody struggled with it.  I know, shame on us.  I purposed then and there that I would really learn them, and so would my children.

Fortunately, I came across a booklet at church with a handy memorization tool in it from a ministry called Living Waters Publications.  It's all about pictures, and I'm such a visual person- I loved it.  In only a few minutes, I had learned the Commandments in order by heart, and I have remembered them ever since.  I did this fun little activity with my kids who were old enough at the time, and recently I did it with the rest of the crew. 

Let me emphasize, this is something I discovered, not created.  All credit goes to the folks at Living Waters, but it has been so helpful to know this little trick, that I thought you might like to use it, too.  And it's so easy!  If you have a piece of paper and a pencil, (and a Bible) you have everything you need.

Just divide the paper into 10 sections.
In each section, you will have the child draw a large number 1, or a number 2, etc.

Then, have them use each number to illustrate the commandment it represents.

The drawings don't have to be perfect, but most children like to draw, and this activity turns memory work into  fun.  I do examples on a white board for the children to go by.  Isn't my artwork amazing? ;)

 {I misspelled adultery.  So embarrassing.}

Do you have a favorite trick for teaching scripture?  Be sure to share it!

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