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Dollar Store Decor


Did you know that you could sometimes get décor for free?  That's how I ended up with this big letter S.  My daughter brought it home from the store where she worked.  It was left over from a store display.  She said they save things like that for people all the time if they ask.  Good to know! ;)

She used it for several projects, and was done with it, so I decided to give it new life.  I pictured it wrapped with jute twine, and I am loving the way it turned out.

You may not have a giant letter lying around your house, but for about $4, you can make one.  You can get the only supplies you need from your local dollar store*.  Here's all you need to make one of these adorable monograms:

  1. Draw and cut out the letter of your choice (about 22 in. tall) on foam board.
  2. Attach the jute twine to the back of the letter with a piece of tape.
  3. Begin wrapping the twine around the letter, and continue until covered. 
  4. Secure the end of the twine with tape on the back of your letter.
So Easy!

*By dollar store, I mean Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc.  The twine at the Dollar Tree is on very small rolls, so I would get it from one of the other stores.  If you can't find the items at these stores, they are available at Wal-Mart, for slightly more.
*You may need an extra set of hands when starting, as it is tricky to hold the letter and keep the twine secured and start wrapping, and again to finish it up.
*When your jute ends, just tape it down and start with a new piece, securing with tape.

Even though the letter is made of foam board, it looks like white painted wood, so I don't mind that some of it shows.  I like the nautical look of it.

And what better way to kick off the summer, than with an adorable nauticalish monogram? ;)
Also, this is my favorite kind of project--the kind that's cute, cheap, easy, and can be "wrapped up" in no time.  (I had to do it.)
So tell me...what's your favorite dollar store décor?
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