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Tutu Cute Headband

There is something so sweet and ethereal about tulle.  Whether it's on a tutu, a wedding dress, or festooning a room, it's just so girly.

I used it to make this sweet little headband, and it's the perfect thing to go with sweet little spring dresses.  And it was easy.  And cheap.  And  it's Tutu Cute!

Here's a sweet and simple how to.


  1. First, measure off the amount of elastic you'll need , with a little overlap.  (You should actually wrap it around the child's head to get the size right, but to give you an idea, I used a 15-inch piece for a newborn, and more for older kids.  You can also use another headband to gauge by if the child it's for is not available.)
  2. Then, hot glue the ends of the elastic together to form the band, and let dry.
  3. Cut off three pieces (a 6-inch piece, a 36-inch piece, and about a 48-inch piece) of tulle.
  4. Glue one end of the 48-piece of tulle to the band, and begin wrapping  the band with it.  Keep wrapping until the elastic is covered and when you reach the end of the tulle, carefully glue this end to the band.
  5. Form the pouf by wrapping the 36-inch piece around and around your fingers.
  6. Secure the pouf by tying it to the band with the short (6-inch) piece of tulle, knotting on top of the pouf.
  7. Now clip the looped ends with scissors.
  8. Use your fingers to pull, spread, and fluff the layers of the pouf to your liking.
It's ready to be worn by your favorite little princess!

Thanks for modeling for me, Sweet P. ;)

Doesn't this just say, "sugar and spice and everything nice?"
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