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Keepin' It Real Blog Hop

I have a small confession to make.  I am somewhat of a perfectionist. 
I love to decorate and I like things neat and tidy.
In fact, living in the pages of a magazine would suit me just fine--
except that's not real life.

And I really like my real life.
My seven-person-cozy-home-frequently-messy-homeschooling real life.

How about you?  Do you ever peruse those pretty pages and wish they looked a little more like real life?

Then let's get REAL!  I've joined some other ladies who are sharing glimpses of their real-life homes for the Keepin' it Real Home Tour Blog Hop!

 I always find it encouraging to see the human side of others.  This tour shows that you are NOT a failure just because your home is not always perfect.  The homes in this tour are shown as they are: lived in.   We hope that you are encouraged by seeing that nobody has it all together all the time.  And we think it will be fun for you to visit some other real life moms and see how they do things.

For me, the fun begins at my front door.  Literally.  The dining room/entry is where my girls practice piano, so the piano is always open, and there is always sheet music out, along with music bags lying nearby.  There are often toys on the floor of this room, too.  So be careful if you come visit- you might be walking into Barbie's wedding.

Obviously, we use this table for more than eating.

The children all have designated chores, but there are a lot of messes made, in-between the cleaning up.  Here's what happens when I leave the room for a while, and the girls make a bean cake...

And speaking of chores, here is a snapshot of my sweet son's room, after he tidied it (one of his daily chores.)

My room is my sanctuary, so I try to keep it neat, but sometimes, we have to use it for temporary storage, because it is so big.  Right now, it's housing a mountain of carpet that's waiting to be installed.  We're having to do a lot of sideways walking in there lately.  (I wonder if that counts as exercise?)

We have (lots of) other projects in the works, like the kids' bathroom.  It is going to be the sweetest little farmhouse bathroom when we're done, but it may always have a slightly "unfinished" look because there is something about closing shower curtains and closets that certain people find very difficult to remember!

We do a lot of living in this room, as you can see by the messy slip-covers.  (But it sure is nice to be able to take them off and wash them!)  It doesn't work for us to keep pretty things on the coffee table; instead, we always have books ready for read-aloud time.  Also, my rug no longer matches my décor.

And finally, the back door, where everything gets thrown.  When  the girls change costumes throughout the day, this is their drop-off spot, and there are guaranteed to be lots of shoes kicked off nearby, no matter how many times I say, "Put them in the basket."

So, these are the rooms where life happens, lessons are learned, and memories are made.  And even though it's not always "perfect," I truly wouldn't have it any other way!

And now it's your turn!  We want to visit with you, too!
Even if you aren't a blogger, you can join us and share pictures of your home on Instagram.  This week, we are having a little Instagram challenge.  Each day we will have a different topic for you to post a picture on.  Check out the graphic below and see what is assigned each day.  Be sure to use the hashtag #KeepinItRealHomeTour so we can find each other easily.

And now for the Blog Hop!  Click on the link below to visit the real life homes of some other moms and bloggers!

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