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Restoration Hardware-Inspired Framed Antique Art for $3.20

When you choose to be a one income family, for the sake of your family, you learn a lot about being thrifty.

Fortunately for me, I can truthfully say that has always been my nature anyway.  Practical.  Thrifty.  Boring.  It's true.  One year, when I was 12, I gave my mother rubber gardening shoes for Christmas because the price was right, and it was so very, well...practical.  I thought she could use some shoes.  
Then I accidentally told her what her gift was. I said I needed a box to wrap the shoes in.  Then I cried.  And she kinda laughed, in a sympathetic kind of way.

So anyway.
I'm also a very visual person.  I love to decorate.  On a shoestring budget.  One of my favorite things to do is visit thrift stores and antique stores.  You can find the neatest things at those places...

Like these...

I love beautiful, old things.  They have a story.  So, of course, these framed prints caught my eye from across the room at the local ReStore.  I also loved the size, shape, and color of the wood frames.

I had been looking for something to go on either side of the china hutch.  I knew I would use the frames at least. 
They were marked $2.00 each.

But.  They were 20% off. 
Even better.

When I got them home and showed my girls (trust me,my son wasn't interested...), they said Don't cover them up!  And the more I looked at them, the more I loved them.

Upon close inspection, I realized these were actual magazine pages from an issue of Harper's Bazar...

dated December 5, 1885.


And we are currently studying that era in history. 

Instant connection.  I love when that happens.

We had so much fun reading the ads on these pages...

including the back when I took them apart.

It really shows what was relevant to people at that time.
So much better than just reading about history in a textbook!

To freshen up my vintage wall art, I decided to paint the mattes.  I used a can of white semigloss and a sponge brush, because that's what I had on hand.

The pages were so well-attatched to the mattes, that I didn't want to disturb them, so I covered the pages with scrap paper and painted the mattes.  I used three coats of white (allowing for drying in between coats) because I wanted the mattes to look crisp and new, since the prints are aged and the frames are rustic.  I like contrast.
I reassembled everything, and that was it.

So for a grand total of $3.20, I bought framed, matted, pieces of antique wall art...
and a history lesson to boot.

I hung them in the dining room. 
I think they'll make nice dinner conversation and have every guest squinting to read all the fine print.
For $3.20.  Take that, Restoration Hardware. ;)
Just kidding, RH.  Thanks for the inspiration.  :)
If you're feeling inspired, feel free to pin some pics and leave a comment!
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