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Homeschooling: Little Entrepreneurs

Guess what?

A few days ago, my daughter made this cute little bunny and I thought it was the perfect thing to welcome spring.

Also, I was amazed at her cleverness.  No pattern or tutorial, just her imagination and creativity.

Last year, the girls learned to crochet in art class, and it has become a favorite thing for them to do...
like making these teeny tiny Barbie purses...

and keeping all the dolls well-dressed.

They have been enjoying making things to wear...

to share...

and now to sell!

They have started a little lemonade stand, of sorts.
They are so excited to have some of their little headbands and bonnets for sale at a local children's store!
This little venture probably won't lead to a fortune, but really, it's worth even more.

It's a real life connection.
They are seeing things made with their own hands be purchased by others with real money.  They are learning about craftsmanship, salesmanship, creating, budgeting, taking pride in their work, and feeling a sense of accomplishment.


They are learning how they can use their gifts, talents, and skills in life...

whether making money or just making someone's day.


Isn't is nice when a class becomes a project becomes a hobby becomes a ministry becomes a business?

Who woulda thought a ball of yarn could do all that? ;)

But then again...connecting learning to life, is what homeschooling is all about!
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