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Growing Up is Hard to Do

My children are at

different ages,  different stages

but all with one thing in common...

they're growing up

and growing up is hard to do.

While we would all like to revisit yesteryear once in a while,

growing up is something most people wouldn't want to do over-

because it's hard work...

skinned knees

broken hearts

hurt feelings

and tough decisions.

That's the big one.

And the bigger you get, so do the decisions.

I tell my children that's the way
they know they are getting closer to being grown up...

the decisions get tougher,

and fewer of them are made for them by us.

But they can do it.
I know they can.

And on days when being a mama is tough,
I'm reminding myself
to be patient.

'Cause growing up is hard, too.  ;)


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