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The Santa Question

I remember where I was when I was first confronted with the truth.  I'll bet you do, too.
A cousin of mine (who was much older and wiser, six months older than I was) informed me as we stood in my grandparents' house after Sunday dinner that, of course she "didn't believe in Santa Claus anymore...there's no way he could get to all those houses in one night."
I stood there, stunned.  She had a point there.

It's a funny story now, but at the time, I was not laughin'. :)

Maybe your little ones recently made this discovery, or maybe you haven't wanted to "do the Santa thing" at all but you're at a loss for what to tell them about Santa, since he is everywhere.

Here's my favorite option.

The Story of Saint Nicholas

Tell them the truth.  Give some credit to the man behind the stories, and the God he served.  It's a perfect way to connect tradition with truth.

You can get your very own copy of this sweet, colorful book and make it a part of your Christmas.
And the best part is, when you order from Voice of the Martyrs (link below), you are helping them help other believers who are persecuted for their faith.  
What could be more *Christmas* than that? :)


If you want it by Christmas Eve, order today! (by Dec. 18th)

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