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Grateful for the Mess


I really don't like messiness.  In fact, I'm kinda like that robot-maid on the Jetsons.  Always cleaning things.  Or the little cleaning-bot on the Wall-e movie, chasing everybody around with a broom and dust pan.  Is it sad that I identified with that character the most? ;)

I compulsively straighten crooked things and I cannot stand a crunchy kitchen floor.  Hence the broom.

And I do enjoy the calm after the storm (also known as bedtime) when chores are done and things are quiet.


I have learned how quickly the storm passes.

And I have learned that messes like these...

produce works of art like these...

And so this Thanksgiving week, as I passed by my messy table and was about to call the mess-makers to come put it all away, I realized the mess itself is a blessing.  It means my life is full of happy, noisy, active, laughing, yelling, growing, hugging, sharing, learning people.  And I am so blessed to have them with me all the time.  I took a moment to absorb the blessing of the messy table.  And then I called them to come clean it up.

May you have a wonderful day filled with counting your blessings.
   Even the messes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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