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Freedom and Flexibility

That's what homeschooling is...

the freedom to choose what you want to learn, and the flexibility in your schedule to pursue it.

It's that time of year again, when the new school year is in full swing.  For us, that may look a little different than it does for some.  But that's ok.  That's what we like about homeschooling.  It's different. ;)

We like the freedom and flexibility that educating our children at home gives us.

One of my girls has wanted to play the "vila-in" since she was three years old.  She is now thirteen and is devoting a portion of her time each day to learning the violin via youtube.
Some days, she does her schoolwork at grandma's, so she can help her with chores and meals.  How do you put a grade on that?

My son gets to spend time learning technical skills with his dad.
Learning, side by side with Dad, he is in school, in the best possible way.  Not only is he acquiring skills and a potential trade...he is learning life.

My younger girls started learning sign language by watching Signing Time videos every morning, and continued studying ASL with a book we have, because they liked it.
And most days, they bring their dolls to school. :)

My oldest performed in community theater for several years as a homeschool student.  I was so thankful she didn't have to spend hours every night doing homework before or after her rehearsals.  She finished her work early in the day.

For the most part, our schedule is our own.  Even if we happen to travel, it doesn't take the children away from their school, it is their school.

How and what our children learn is a combination of what we believe is important,  what they enjoy, and what works best for them.  We can speed up or slow down in any subject, as needed.  We can dig deeper into things when we want to. We can connect the dots between all subjects and all of life...
because the parents and the teachers know each other very well, so we can coordinate like that. ;)

We love being able to coordinate our children's curriculum, pace, interests, and talents, with our family's schedule, needs, values, and goals.

Oh, and around here, birthdays count as holidays.  Because we can.  Even when he's doing school at home, every student loves a day off!

May your family be encouraged as you experience the new school year life, together.  :)

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