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How Summer Days are Meant to be Spent

This summer, we've had fun speeding down waterslides, eating watermelon (an absolute summer requirement around here), going to the park, watching fireworks on the 4th, playing volleyball (they play; I watch), gardening (mostly, we grow weeds), and working on projects (fun for me, anyway!)

Active things.  Fun things.

But today I looked outside, and saw this...

Maitland & Wyland (brothers) and Bekah & Joe (siblings)

and I thought...THAT is how summer days are meant to be spent.  At least some of them.  Green grass, warm sun, a breeze, and leisure.  Permission to be lazy.  To soak it all in.  To sit in a tree and let your leg dangle below.  To swing slowly and drag your toes in the dirt.  To talk.  To plan the next game.

Elizabeth, doing one of her favorite things: reading
Or read a book.  Lazy summer days are perfect for bookworms like us.

And speaking of books, we're adding one to our new "Books We Love" page (that I'm working on.)  It's the story of Gladys Aylward, missionary to China during WWII.  If you're looking for a good book to read during your last few lazy days of summer, I highly recommend it.  It makes a good read-aloud (or read-alone) and it provides great opportunities for discussion, very relevant to current events.

Considering the horrific things some children are going through right now, I am so thankful that mine can enjoy these lazy days of summer.  We are so blessed.

How about you?  Are you counting your blessings a little early this year, too?

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