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Coffee Table Redo

As we gear up for school, I can check at least one project off my summer to-do list.  I love that feeling.  
I especially love when I'm pleased with the results!

And I am really pleased with this...

I bought this coffee table at a local second-hand store.  The good: It was very sturdy, solid wood, even extendable, and I loved the shape.  (I love round coffee tables.)  The bad and the ugly: It had deep gouges all over the top.
But, I love bringing out the beauty in an "ugly" piece. 

As you can tell from the before pic, there were a lot of gouges in the top.  (I wish I had taken a true before pic, so you could get the full effect.)  I filled them in with wood filler, and sanded. and sanded. and sanded. :)
Then I primed and painted. and painted. (Trying to decide on the color.) Next, I sprayed on a sealer, then wiped on a stain, then dry-brushed the last coat of paint.
(Note: Not sure I would recommend the spray-sealer, as it tended to drip.)


And finally:

I achieved that Pottery Barn finish I was after. Yay!

Total Cost: $50 ($40 for the table, $10 in supplies)
I am happy with my investment!

Oh, and just for fun, here is a very similar table at Pottery Barn, which sells for $699...

*image via Pottery Barn*

...and another that sells for $799!

Dawson Pedestal Side Table
*image via Pottery Barn*
And mine, again...

Now...on to the next project! :)


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