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Homework, Our Way

In the spirit of the ending of the schoolyear, I thought I'd share another homeschool moment.
Homeschooling is...doing homework, our way.  Here is what you you might see during the late afternoon (homework time for most people) at our house.  Here's one of my girls doing "homework" this week:

Actually, it's free time for her.  She's reading outside in the breeze.  Isn't that sweet?

And this is how our boy does "homework":

Joe, and two of our young friends

He is busy racing Toad and Dry Bones.  ;)
Not my activity of choice, but it is his free time.

This is truly one of the upsides to homeschooling for me.  At the end of the day, when brain and body are tired, I do not want to spend hours doing homework assignments.  And we don't have to.  We get to finish our schoolwork early, and then do "homework," our way.

And, lest you think we are lazy... around here, this counts as "homework" too...   :)

Sara  (She has kitchen this week.)

As always, I hope this encourages you!

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