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Blooming Flowers and a Tea Party

Sara's birthday "bike-with-a-basket" with hydrangeas from my grandparents' yard

We always kick off the summer around here with a birthday.  Our last "official" day of school is always on or about  June 12th, my daughter's birthday.  Her last day is the 11th, however, since everyone in our school gets to take their birthday as a holiday.  This year, her party-planning sister honored her wish for a tea party by surprising her with one.  Her cake-baking-and-decorating sister made a cake.  It was a simple affair, just the four sisters and a friend (and two parents, and a brother who ate the goodies but wants it made clear that he did not participate in a tea party.)  But it was so adorable that I had to share it.
She said it was her "best birthday so far."  At the ripe old age of 11, that's saying a lot. ;)

Bekah wrote a message on our chalkboard, but somehow she left out a couple siblings when she signed it.  Not sure why.....
The birthday girl and the birthday bike, with different cargo

The view from our back porch
Our summer is off to a great start.  Nothing grand.  Just sweet and simple.  Whatever your plans for the summer, I hope you take time to enjoy the blooming flowers.  Stop and smell the roses.  Or gardenias.  Or whatever.  Have a tea party with your little ones and sip some tea.  Or lemonade.  Or whatever.  Pick some hydrangeas.  Or dandelions.  Or whatever.  Ride a bike.  Or a rollercoaster.  Enjoy the view from your back porch.  Amid all the big things this summer may hold, may you especially enjoy the little things.  ;)

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