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A New Gluten-Free Discovery

We just made a new discovery: handy, prepackaged, sliced bread!  Okay.  So this has been around for a while.  But if you are eating gluten-free you know that the bazillion bread varieties that have been around for a while don't apply to you, since you can't eat them.  And this new discovery of ours has probably been around a while, too, but we just discovered it.  I was browsing the freezer section the other day, and saw this bread that we had not yet tried, and decided to try it.  The unusual thing about it (you gf people will appreciate this) is that it is soft.  Many of the others are firm, which is okay for toast, grilled sandwiches, and French toast.  The only soft gf bread we've had has been what we made ourselves.  It's nice to be able to just open a bag and make a sandwich.  The only downside is the price.  All gf bread seems to run about $5 a loaf, including this one.  But if you're going to spend a fortune on bread for your family, it might as well taste good!  Since it took us a while to find it, I thought I'd share it with those of you who might be searching for some handy, prepackaged, sliced bread that is gf and is actually soft!  And here it is...glutino Gluten Free Bread.

We have been eating the Multigrain version, but they have white bread, too.  You can see it looks pretty soft and tasty in this picture:

I asked Sara, my gluten-free10-year-old, if it tasted like "real" bread, because, after all, that is the "real" test, and she said almost.  So I tried it myself, and it really is soft, and it tastes pretty much like a regular piece of wheat bread to me.  Yay!
I found it at Harris Teeter, in the large freezer section, near frozen pizzas.  And all this time I thought all their gf bread was in the small freezer by the deli. :/  I have not found an online source for buying it, probably because it is frozen and you have to thaw it to eat it, but you can go to www.glutino.com to search for a location near you where you can buy it.  I have to say, a lot of our favorite gf products are glutino.  By the way, I received no compensation for this promotion (unfortunately.)  Just sharing what we've learned!

So, what's your favorite gluten-free product?  Have you tried this bread?  Or an even better one?  Share your favorites in the comment section.  And let me know if this was helpful for you!

Update!  Our local Food Lion now carries this bread, for about a dollar cheaper than HT.  :)


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