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Movies Worth Watching


Sometimes ya just need to laugh.  It's good medicine.  That's scientific.  And scriptural.  :)

Apparently, my daughter thought I needed a good dose of laughter (or either she was just being sweet, or both!)  She took me for a "mom's night out" to see the movie, Mom's Night Out.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  Just plain funny.  The jokes in the movie are especially funny for those who can relate to them, meaning moms, dads, and their children, people who go to church, and (dare I say it?) perfectionists like me.  The acting is good.  The stunts are good.  And here is the rare thing:  the movie is clean.  You can watch the whole movie with your children without hitting the skip button...unless you count the one kiss at the end...  which brings me to the three little negatives I have to mention for an honest review:  1. The mom and dad who kiss are not married in real life (and are married to other people) and therefore should not kiss each other, even for the sake of the movie (because, let's face it, a real kiss is not "acting.")  2. Some of the music in the movie is by "artists" who are downright anti-Christian. 3. There is a line about Jesus in the movie that we felt might cofuse some people.  Just being completely honest!  However, I loved the movie.  And I'm a tough critic.

If this movie is still in a theater near you, go see it.  Spend the money as an investment in your sanity good, clean entertainment.  If it's not in your local theater, watch for it to come out on dvd, and buy it!  Give your whole family a dose of laughter.  If your family is anything like mine, they will totally be able to relate to the sometimes tired, often frustrated, easily worried, less-than-perfect characters who always love each other.

As soon as I see the movie for sale, I'll post a link.  I'm also compiling a list of other movies worth watching.  I'll share our family-friendly favorites and where to find them.  Check back soon!

What's your favorite good-for-the-whole-family movie?

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