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The Language of Laughter

Since one thing I said I love is homeschooling, I thought I'd share a fun little moment from our school day.  While learning to say hello in twelve different languages (because my children are geniuses it was part of my daughter's Bible lesson) we encountered, among others, the languages of Filipino and Portuguese.  My 8-year-old called them "Phillipians" and "Porkacheese."   I laugh every time I think about it, because (1) when we talked about Phillipians in the Bible, she called it "fallopians" and (2) who doesn't laugh when they say the word "porkacheese"?  Go ahead...say it. ;)
Some of the best  parts of parenting are the little things.  By homeschooling, we get to enjoy more of the little things.  We don't miss as much.  We have more opportunities to laugh together.  We also get to learn together.  Today I learned how to say hello in Portuguese.  Or should I say, Porkacheese?

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