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Grilled Pizzas

Easy gluten-free lunch idea!

What is one meal almost every child and adult (at least in America!) loves?  Pizza, of course.  But pizza generally contains gluten, so for some of us, it's a no-no, unless you bake a special crust or buy gluten-free pizzas ready-made.  So how about an easy way to have pizza for lunch that is cheap, tasty, and gluten-free?

Grilled Pizzas!

You will need:

2 CORN tortillas (per pizza)
**Use the softest corn tortillas you can find.
    (I use La Banderita brand.)
1-2 T of your favorite gf sauce
1 handful of mozzarella cheese
1 handful of pepperoni
Other toppings of your choice 

Spread sauce on one of the tortillas.  Add pepperoni or other toppings.  This is a good place to hide some finely chopped veggies for your children, or make your own sauce and puree some veggies right in there.  Cover with cheese and top with the other tortilla.  Grill this in a pan coated with butter or olive oil on medium heat.  Flip carefully to grill both sides.  Let the outside get golden and crispy (as crispy as you can without burning it) and let the cheese melt.  Slide onto a plate and cut into pizza wedges.  It's kind of a Mexican meats Italian dish, and it's yummy, even to picky eaters.  (Caution: Let cool somewhat before serving to little ones.  Filling will be hot.) 

Enjoy!  Let me know if you loved them as much as we do!

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