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Fried Tortillas

Presenting our family's new favorite food: fried tortillas.  They are quick, easy, cheap, and yummy.  This is exciting because, if you're gluten-free, you know that a lot of gluten-free things are not cheap, and the ones that are yummy are not usually quick or easy!  These fried tortillas are all of those things. They are also versatile.  They are good with guacamole, or fresh-made salsa, but they are terrific to sprinkle on your favorite soup or chili, and they add  a nice crunch to salads.  Sooo handy to use in place of crackers and croutons!  They are husband and child-approved, and did I mention they are cheap?  :)

*(Use firm, dry ones.  I like to use the brand "Celia's" for frying, and they are cheap.)

1.  Place corn tortillas on cutting board.  Slice, using pizza cutter.
*Cut in pizza-type wedges or strips, depending on the shape you want.
2.  Fill a medium-sized pan 1/3  full of oil.  Heat oil on medium-high heat.
*Drop one wedge or strip in to test.  When it sizzles, it's ready.
3.  Carefully add enough tortilla pieces to cover bottom of pan.  Spread around with tongs.
4.  Cook for 30 seconds and remove with tongs.  (Don't overcook!  They cook really fast.)
5.  Drain on paper-towel.
6.  Sprinkle with salt.
7.  Add next batch to pan, repeating steps 3-6 until you've made as many as you want.

It's like cooking fries, only faster!

**To enjoy these as a sweet treat, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon instead of salt.**

Best when warm, but leftovers are good, too.  Warning: these are addictive!

(Thanks to Patti for telling me about these once upon a time.)

Make some, and tell me what you think.  Do you have a favorite gluten-free tip or recipe?  I'd love to hear it!

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